[SSPX Chapel Cape Town] Announcements: 27-29 March 2020

Fr. John Jenkins jenkins at sspx.org.za
Fri Mar 27 10:18:15 CET 2020

Dear Faithful,

The season of Lent is when we offer up our prayers and sacrifices 
to prepare ourselves for the great feast of Easter and to unite 
ourselves with Our Lord and His sufferings. We practice fast and 
abstinence in imitation of Our Lord's fast in the desert for forty 
days. Just as Our Lord's body rested in the tomb forty hours 
before His glorious resurrection, we also are dead to the world 
for these forty days of penance.

God in His Providence has provided an extraordinary means to 
accompany Our Lord in these our times. As the world panics amidst 
this epidemic, we who are faithful to Our Lord should see these 
events as simply another means to unite ourselves to Him who is 
the same yesterday, today and forever. Our Lenten observance, now 
enforced upon us as it were by government decree, is something 
close to what our ancestors in the faith would do so 
voluntarily. Let us resolve to make our predecessors proud of us, 
with greater faith and charity practiced at home and relying above 
all on that hope that is within us by grace.

It is a profound disappointment that the authorities should see it 
necessary to close our chapel. You will see as a footnote to this 
email the decree that they have sent us, which by force of arms 
they intend to enforce. It is a pity that it seems necessary to 
them to spend their resources on us, who have respected all the 
present regulations of the government concerning the number of 
persons gathered, rather than policing the neglected settlements 
where the epidemic will hit hardest and sanitation is presently 
impossible. We must pray especially for these souls who will be 
confined in sub-human conditions and will be hardest hit by the 
present lockdown. Let us hope that the cure be not worse than the 
disease itself.

Although we are now prohibited from any public use of our chapel 
we will do our best for you spiritually. We have installed a 
microphone in our chapel that will be providing a continuous audio 
stream at the following address which you can listen to with the 
Firefox browser or VLC Media player:


The Mass will be on Friday 27 March at the usual time of 18h30, 
followed by the Way of the Cross to which you are invited to 
listen to on the stream. 

There will also be a Low Mass on Saturday at 9:00am, which again 
you can follow via the audio stream address given above.

For Sunday there will not be any choir practice or confessions, 
but there will be a Low Mass 9am which you can follow on the audio 

Also, I have discussed with the police department of Pinelands as 
being registered as 'essential personel' according to the 
regulations, and they have assured me that the celebret and 
identification papers are in order for this designation. Thus if 
there is any sacramental emergency or spiritual necessity, please 
do not hesitate to contact Fr. John Jenkins at +27 83 378 1678, 
available also via WhatsApp and Telegram.

As the implementation of the current government mandated 
quaranteen is changing daily, we will announce the times of the 
Masses and audio streams in a future mailing.

We sadly don't have the financial means for a video camera, but 
the following youtube channels can provide a Mass either recorded 
or even live from some of our chapels elsewhere in the world:

SSPX News channel: 
SSPX French: 
SSPX Antwerp: 
SSPX Brazil: 
SSPX Deutschland: 
SSPX Utrecht: 
SSPX Kenya: 
SSPX South Africa: 
SSPX UK: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQKWgHLZxKCmIIRmok8tNuw
SSPX USA Seminary: 
SSPX USA Florida: 

It is hoped that these modern means may yet provide some spiritual 
nourishment in this time of crisis and that God may grant us the 
grace to reopen our chapel to the public soon.

Here again is the brief schedule of our non-public Masses this 
weekend, which you can follow at http://fsspx.me:8000/chapel.mp3

A reminder that our chapel is closed by police order and so these 
devotions are only available via the audio stream above.

* Friday, 27 March 2020 /Ferial Day/
  18h30: Low Mass
  After Mass: Way of the Cross

* Saturday, 28 March 2020 /Ferial Day/
   9h00: Low Mass
  18h00: Rosary and Benediction

* Sunday, 29 March 2020 /1 Passion Sunday/
  9h00: Low Mass

May God bless you in this time of trial,
+ Fr. John Jenkins, SSPX <jenkins at sspx.org.za>
Roodepoort, South Africa - PGP: 533B FBFF 7A42 6CB7
Help the Apostolate! https://paypal.me/frjohn


From: Pinelands SAPS <PinelandsSAPS at saps.gov.za>
To: SSPX Chapel <sspxcapetown at gmail.com>
Subject: Disaster Management Act, 2002, Regulations issued in 
 of Section 27(2) of the Act, 18 March 2020
Date: Wed 25 Mar 2020 09:51:43 SAST

Good day,

Kindly take note that proceeding with Church Services, including 
Mass, would amount to a gathering in terms of the Disaster 
Managements Regulations issued on 18 March 2020. Any person who 
convenes such gatherings is guilty of an offence and is liable to 
a fine or to imprisonment not exceeding six (6) months. Should you 
provide proceed with convening these Church Services or Masses, 
you will be in contravention of these Regulations.

How unfortunate it may sound, the South African Police Service 
will not hesitate to disperse persons attending the Service or the 
Mass and to proceed to arrest and charge you as a person convening 
a gathering which is prohibited in terms of the above-mentioned 


Tel: 021 - 506 2116
Fax: 021 - 506 2114
Cellular : 082 411 3351
pinelandssaps at saps.gov.za<mailto:pinelandssaps at saps.gov.za>
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